Our Services

Al Nwilati Chartered Accountants provides a wide range of services including:
  • Auditing of Accounts, both legal and specific or complete.
  • Accounting and related services mainly on computer
  • Management and financial consulting.
  • Experts (Accounting & Banking) and consulting Experts at all courts for civil and criminal cases.
  • Arbitration in the fields of accounting, finance and banking..
  • Training Courses in the field of accounting and auditing.
  • Management of Information Systems: Design and Installation & follow-up.
  • Establishment of Companies in accordance with the Companies Laws, Drafting of Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association.
  • Establishing Branches of Foreign Companies.
  • Establishing Companies in the Free Zones in Dubai, Sharjah & Other Emirates.
  • Drafting of financial agreements such as partnership and sponsorship agreements.
  • Taxation consultancy, where relevant.
  • Financial Planning � assisting in the assessment of future financial needs, the preparation of financial plans and helping with life assurance and wills.
  • Contractors Classification at various bodies.
  • Feasibility Studies for all types of projects including industrial, commercial, contracting and investment projects.
  • Collections of Debts on behalf of Clients.
  • Acting as Directors or Secretaries of Branches of Foreign Companies.
  • Acting as Liquidators of Companies.
  • Establishing Systems of Quality towards ISO Registration.
  • Registration of Trade Marks.
Our Key concern has always been not only to meet but to surpass our clients� expectations and we believe that this has been a decisive factor in our growth and success.